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We mostly carry item for men,  but we do have some basics for women. Call and for more information.

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Where do we begin? A lot of our customers are sports fans! We pretty much carry all your favorite California teams. Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Golden State… etc. We have jerseys, t-shirts, hats, beanies and more. We also carry some of the more popular teams in the country. Yankees, Chicago Bears and Bulls, Celtics.

Our hat game is strong too. We pretty much have every team in the MLB, a lot of NBA teams, a decent amount of NHL teams. Call us for more info.

We do have a small selections of sports wear for women and children. We carry Dickies for women and children, as well as a few basic t-shirts and polos. 

Most of our store is catered to men. Levi’s jeans in multiple styles, from skinny to loose. Dickies pants and shorts in multiple styles too! Dickies work clothes is huge here. We have Dickies work shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve. Stop by to see our great selection.

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